The Gallery: Creatures

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, and now with my new blog – I thought it would be a great time to start.
Sticky Fingers has a fab blog where she gives you a topic and you take a pic and post it on your blog.

I love photos and I love seeing what everyone else has come up with.
This weeks is Creatures.
Here is my favourite little creature in the whole world.

Bubbles was rescued from a lovely animal sanctuary three weeks ago.  She’s eight and I love her so much.
Today seems like a good day to do this post as it’s been a tough morning for her.  She stated her morning with a big visit to the vets.  She’s had a worming tablet, she’s had frontline put on and she’s started taking antibiotics for a little cut she’s got on her leg.  The vet said it’s probably from over-grooming with the stress of living in an animal sanctuary then moving.

She has settled though and we love her so much.


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