Listen To Your Heart…

Listen to your Heart


I’ve had a rubbish year.  I lost my business last year.  I owned a theatre, put my heart, soul and a lot of money in to it.  My theatre had a flood and I had to close it, I lost everything.  I had to let people down.  I was angry at myself and the situation for ages.
If I hadn’t lost all of my money, it would have been the perfect time to go on a soul-searching holiday.
I lost my confidence.  I tried to be positive whilst I figured out what I was supposed to do with my life.
I launched other business’ and then stopped them, my heart wasn’t in them.

I soul-searched. I watched a lot of Oprah.  I talked to friends and family.  My confidence started to come back.  I started to feel less angry about everything.  I started to listen to my heart properly.

I started writing again.

I have always written.  For me, it’s the one thing that makes sense.  Writing is like medicine, feeding my soul.  But, over the last few months, I couldn’t bring myself to write anything.  Other than some diary entries to help me get my feelings out, I just couldn’t write.

I was scared it had gone forever.

It came back.

I started to write again and everything seemed to connect in my life once more.  Like a missing jigsaw piece.

Stories and ideas are tumbling out of my mind, so much so that I’m struggling to catch them and make sense of them all.

But I don’t care.  I’m writing and that’s all that matters.



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