Summer Summed Up

How’s your summer been?

I know, I know – I’ve not posted anything for yonks, well the whole of the summer if we’re going to get picky.

Here’s my summer in a nutshell.

Day job – worked a million hours.  It’s just been horrible busy and not one part of it did I enjoy.  Except for giggles with the people I work with.

Make Believe – the play I co-wrote with Luke Walker got chosen as one of ten plays for his years 24:7 theatre festival. So I was juggling rehearsing in the day and day job at night.  It actually almost finished me off!
The play went really well though. We had fabulous audiences, great feedback and came joint 3rd for best play voted by the audience and also Equity awarded us 3rd best play.

The festival week was just chaos. We were determined to watch all the other plays, which we managed and so if we weren’t performing we were watching.  Met some fantastic people and felt really proud and honored to be a part of a fantastic festival.

I’m now an agent for kids and teens, I’m so thrilled.  Spent a couple of weekends auditioning some fantastic kids and meeting lovely, supportive parents.  Elite Talent Theatre School – my new business was set up and launched.  So happy that the Zion Centre have given us a home.  The adult class is bursting with people and the kids and teens classes have launched really well.  Got so many things planned for this Autumn.

My adult drama class had a summer school over the summer and performed TEECHERS by John Godber, which I directed.  They performed it to a SOLD OUT audience at the Taurus Bar, Manchester.  They were amazing and I’m still beaming with pride.

Squeak, the cat we were looking after (we thought she was a stray, but had a home – although not a good one).  Well she was really old and sadly died in our garden a couple of weeks ago.  We were left devastated.  Bubbles sadly saw her through the window and was also in mourning for a few days.  It’s been horrible.  She was a beautiful cat and we loved her, even though she wasn’t ours.

So it’s been a bit of a full-on summer.  Anis and I were hoping for a holiday, but no chance.
The fence blew down and other bits of bills came at once. So we’re having two weeks off as of tonight when I finish work. We’re going to have lots of day trips, although I’m not sure where we’re going, but we’ll be going somewhere!


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