The Gallery: Emotions

If you’re unsure what The Gallery is, go to the fab blog by Sticky Fingers.
This weeks is Emotions. I was going to talk about how I get emotional looking at old photos etc, but actually wanted to share this picture as it sums up the word emotions to me.

This was the final curtain call for my play BATTERED EGOS.  I’m on the left!I’ve been writing and producing plays for years and it means everything to me – but this was one of my toughest projects yet.
I’d had a lot of upset in my personal life and really struggled to write the play.  I’d already cast it and the theatre was booked, it got to a point where I sat the actors down and tried to tell them I was cancelling the whole thing – but they were so supportive to me and they so wanted to do the play, I just couldn’t not do it.

They really understood and were happy to wait a bit longer for the script.  The script I just couldn’t write as my brain was somewhere else.  I finally locked myself in to my room and forced myself to write it.  I was still printing the script minutes before I was due to meet them for our first rehearsal.

Rehearsing the play took my mind off other things and we had a great time and lots of giggles along the way.
As this picture was taken on our final curtain call, I remember feeling so happy and proud at how far I’d come in the space of a couple of months – they play got 5 star reviews and my personal life was slowly getting back to normal, I was happy and I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my friends standing by my side.

This picture means a lot to me.

Aww, I’m welling up now!


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