Since moving back in with Anis, I’ve felt more at home than I ever felt living here before.
I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just turned 30 or whether it’s the fact we’re both trying to make the house feel like a home for once, but it’s really starting to.

I’ve been away from this street for two years and since moving back the neighbours have really welcomed me back.  My neighbour across the road knocked on and gave me a huge bunch of flowers for my birthday a few weeks ago.  She saw the cards in the window when she popped over and was so sorry that she’d missed it.

Today, next door came round with a bunch of flowers to thank us for letting them use our drive whilst they have their new driveway built.
Most of the neighbours have met Bubbles, and so I’m trying to work out which one has just posted through a sachet of cat biscuits.

After living in Salford for a year, it’s such a nice difference.  The only thing a neighbour posted through my letterbox there was a pornographic page from a magazine with a little message telling me to suck something on Valentine’s day.
And the only neighbour I met was the man across the road who said ‘I’ve been watching you guys coming in and out.’  It wasn’t the kind of neighbourhood watch I’d hoped for.

It’s definitely nice to be back at ‘our’ house.  Which finally feels like ‘our’ home and it’s even better to be surrounded by lovely neighbours.


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