My Dad

My dad is the best dad in the world.  He makes me laugh LOTS.  He’s kind, shy, loves kites, gave me his car (twice)! He fills up a jar full of sweets when he knows I’m coming to visit.  He laughs when I leave with a face full of spots because of the sweets.
He is a fabulous writer, he’s an amazing sculptor, he went travelling when he was younger but gets scared when I tell him I’m going on a plane – he says things like, ‘I don’t know where you get this need for travel from.’  I tell him I get it from him.
He loves films, has MANY DVDs.  He won’t lend me any of them as he knows I’ll forget to bring them back and he hates his things not being back where they should be.
Last year he started having problems with his eye and I had to drive him to and from the eye hospital.  His vision was blurred from the eye drops but he could still tell I was going round corners too fast.  He hated my driving so much, he pretended his vision was clear and drove to town with me in the passenger seat!

When I was in school, I begged him for a rabbit – I begged him so much he had to say yes and told me it was my responsibility to look after it.  When I got a place at uni, his first question was, ‘Will there be room in halls for Snowy’s hutch!’

My dad helps anyone who needs it.  He is just one of life’s lovely people.  As it’s Fathers Day today, I just want to tell him that I love him millions.  I’m incredibly lucky to have him as my Papa xx


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